Stained Glass Rainbows

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Stained Glass Rainbows explores the collision between the LGBT community and the Christian church. Can gays be Christian? Is homosexuality a sin? Is there a gay gene? Families, churches, denominations, and people’s lives have been torn apart over these divisive issues.
Stained Glass Rainbows weaves the voices of the left, the right, the middle, and helps bridge the gulf through it’s dialogue. From gay pride parades to anti-gay protests, Stained Glass Rainbows confronts the controversy of faith through the hearts and minds of people on both sides of this uncivil war.
Is there such a thing as an ex-gay or ex-lesbian? Does the Bible allow “committed homosexual relationships”? What does repentance mean and is it something we should worry about or forget about in our current culture? These questions and more are expounded upon in this gripping, courageous documentary by daring filmmaker Kent C. Williamson (Rebellion of Thought).
From gay pastors and lesbian ministers to ex-lesbian activists and ex-gay ministries; from Westboro Baptist church to Supreme Court cases; from Christian musicians to devout Theologians, Stained Glass Rainbows takes the viewer on an amazing, never before seen journey into souls of some amazing people, who all have this one thing in common; their love of Jesus Christ.

The Audience Speaks!

Kent C. Williamson is making a courageous move as a filmmaker to tackle the ‘untouchable’ gay issue in his new film Stained Glass Rainbows.

Steve Greisen, President
Exploration Films

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Kent C. Williamson delivers “another drink from the firehose!

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You hooked me with the first line of the film... wow...

Justin Harlan
Film Reviewer

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A powerful documentary that every evangelical should see.

Steve Noble
Called2Action Radio Host

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For persons and communities interested in watching a film about homosexuality that offers multiple perspectives while holding their attention, this is it.

Robert A. J. Gagnon, Ph.D.
Homosexuality and the Bible

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  • Robert Gagnon
    Professor of New Testament
    Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
    Author: The Bible and Homosexual
    and Homosexuality and the Bible
  • Rev. Dr. Cindi Love
    Executive Director
    Metropolitan Community Churches
    Author: Would Jesus Discriminate?
  • Kristin Johnson Tremba
    Executive Director
    Exchange Ministries
    Former Director of OneByOne
  • John Westcott
    Former Director
    Exchange Ministries
  • Jonathan Ervin
    Former Homosexual
    AIDS Champion
    Author: My Secret Place: Living
    Aids & Addiction
  • Lisa Miller
    Former Lesbian
    In high-profile child custody case
  • Linda Marie Wall
    Former Lesbian
    Social Activist
  • Rev. John Middleton
    Gay Pastor
    Metropolitan Community Church
  • Sean Doty
    Gay Lead-Singer
    Christian Rock Band
    Veil of Ashes
  • Ric Alba
    Gay Bass Player
    Christian Rock Band
    The Alter Boys
  • Brian Healy
    Christian Rock Band
    Dead Artist Syndrome
  • Shirley Phelps-Roper
    Daughter of Paster Fred Phelps
    Westboro Baptist Church
    God Hates Fags
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Paladin Pictures is committed to the creation, production, distribution, and promotion of redemptive entertainment and thought-provoking cultural critique.


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