CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – November 10, 2007 - Paladin Pictures and the Brothers Williamson announce the DVD release of their most controversial documentary to-date Rebellion of Thought: post-modernism, the church, and the struggle for authentic faith. The film will be available in select stores nationwide on Tuesday, November 13th. Reviewers are saying, “sure to cause waves in the world of Christianity”*, “may end up being one of the best documentary films of the year”* and “a superbly made, thought provoking film.”**

The Brothers Williamson (Brad & Kent C. Williamson) interviewed some of the world’s leading theological minds as well as the common man-on-the-street about post-modern thought and how it impacts faith. Kent C. Williamson, the film’s director and co-producer says, “Rebellion of Thought pulls people into the conversation and before long the film is chomping on the mind and soul of the viewer. It boldly asks the questions many people have thought before but were too afraid to ask.”

Rebellion of Thought features interviews with such notable thinkers as Gene Edward Veith (World Magazine), D.A. Carson (The Gagging of God), Ken Myers (Mars Hill Audio), and many others.

Rebellion of Thought had it’s world premiere last year at the 19th annual Virginia Film Festival in Charlottesville, Virginia. Distribution of the film is being handled by Exploration Films (ExplorationFilms.com) and will be available in Charlottesville at Splintered Light (SplinteredLightBooks.com). To view the film’s trailer, please visit www.RebellionOfThought.com

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