CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - May 21, 2010 - Fellowship of Christian Athletes has endorsed the soon to be produced lacrosse film, UN1TY. Charlottesville-based Paladin Pictures has received the formal endorsement from National Director of FCA Lacrosse, Ryan Horanburg. “When I first heard the title of this new movie...and read the screenplay I couldn’t help but smile,” said Hornaburg. Kent C. Williamson, President of Paladin Pictures stated, “I am thrilled about the relationship between FCA and UN1TY. The collaboration will help give the film visibility across the country and will help us reach our target audience.”

UN1TY is set to become the world’s first faith-based motion picture set in the fast-paced world of lacrosse. Paladin intends to shoot the majority of the film in the Charlottesville, Virginia area. Financing for the picture is still being secured and Paladin has partnered with the non-profit organization, Community Films Foundation to help fund the project.

Established in 1954, The Fellowship of Christian Athletes has become the largest Christian sports organization in America. This non-profit, interdenominational ministry in the last year has reached more than 350,000 people on over 7,100 campuses and has worked with more than 46,000 coaches and athletes at camps across the globe.

Paladin encourages people to make their tax-deductible donation toward the project UN1TY at the Community Films Foundation website: For more information on UN1TY or to read the FCA endorsement letter, please click to

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