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TRAILER: By War & By God

TRAILER: By War & By God

In 2008 I made my first trip to Vietnam with an organization called Vets With A Mission. These Vietnam veterans all have war stories that will make your heart stop. The hell of war leaves it's mark... sometimes in the form of physical scars, but almost always in the form of mental scars. What's amazing about this particular group of veterans is their committment to reconciliation; between themselves and the people of Vietnam, between themselves and the land, and between themselves and God. The reason they return to that beautiful country is to love, serve, and care for the people there. These men have all been shaped By War & By God.

Here's the first look at the trailer for the film we at Paladin Pictures are currently producing on behalf of the Community Films Foundation and Vets With A Mission. The film is being edited by James Burgess with an original score by Will Musser.



Learn more at Vets With A Mission.

Kent C. Williamson

Written by : Kent C. Williamson

Kent C. Williamson is the founder of Paladin Pictures, Inc. and Paladin Media Group, film and video production companies in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is also the founder of the Community Films Foundation, a non-profit that connects filmmakers with mission organizations who need help telling the stories, and earless rabbit, the online television network for Charlottesville. Kent produced and co-directed the non-controversial feature film When Love Walks In, directed the highly-controversial documentary Rebellion of Thought, as well as the extremely controversial documentary Stained Glass Rainbows. He lives with his bride and six kids along the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.


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