How Freelancers Create A Business Advantage

How Freelancers Create A Business Advantage

Project based businesses are pretty difficult to staff properly, not to mention creatively. It’s an interesting paradox -- clients want to “know” that a company they are working with is solid and has full time employees. On the other hand -- in order to be competitive, production companies sometimes need to contract at the end of a project.

So where’s the balance?

The nature of the business of marketing/advertising/production is usually driven by the ebb and flow of projects. Projects are defined by budget, time needed, and staff/crew required. Staff key players that embody the values of the company are critical to ensure that the direction of a project, the interaction between client and agency, and overall vision is on track and exceeding client expectations. The addition of select freelancers can give businesses an edge by creating an opportunity to choose the right players for each project. Not all projects have the same requirements. For example, some projects are more art driven, some projects need motion designers, some projects are dialogue driven and need to be produced and directed more like a small feature film. Each project/idea that comes to Paladin has it’s own set of requirements needed to make it unique. It’s not really in the best interest of our clients to staff every project with the same “eyes”. We make it our business to know how to put together a team that employs not only the “best” in the business, but the most appropriate talent for any given project.

In our experience, while lots of people are really good at what they do -- not everybody is good at everything! So finding freelancers that provide techniques, skills or perspectives that you don’t have -- is really good business, especially if it means creating an exceptional product vs an expected product for your client.

Elizabeth Vagnoni is the Senior Producer for Paladin Media Group, a film and video production company located in Charlottesville, Virginia

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