Paladin Video Primer: The Teleprompter

Paladin Media Group presents our Paladin Video Primer series. This is a series of videos designed to direct and inform clients in the world of production. The second video we introduce to you is called The Teleprompter.

It can be difficult to memorize words in front on a camera, so what's the solution? Well, at Paladin Media Group, we believe a teleprompter is! A teleprompter is a piece of angled glass that fits directly in front of a lense of the camera. It reflects a reverted image of your script, allowing you to read it outloud and delever your message flawlessly. However there comes some challenges while reading from a teleprompter, watch our video to learn more about them!

If you do have a project that needs a teleprompter, please give Paladin Media Group a call. We would love to help.