Is Video On Your Website Important?

Is Video On Your Website Important?

The following is content from a speech Dan Fellows gave to the Central Virginia chapter of the American Marketing Association in the Spring of 2015.

Is video on your website important?

How many of you remember when you got your first TV?

  • I was 7 and it was a black and white 19" with rabbit ears and a knob to turn to change the channels.
  • Since that time we have lived in a video media world.

How many of you remember your first interaction on the internet?

  • I was forty-five!

The Paradigm shifted again and is morphing at an accelerated rate. Some people say we are now in WEB 2.0. and Video Content is King:

    • It is estimated that by 2020 video will account for 75% of all consumer internet traffic
    • 190 million unique YouTube viewers each month in the US
    • 100 global brands collect 800 million YouTube Views each Month
    • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world

So what are the benefits to having video on your website?

    • Delivers your message in a format that people like
    • 80% of people will watch video - only 20% will read content
    • Enhances engagement - it's STICKY
    • Doubles the amount of time spent on a website
    • 15% more time on blog posts with video than with just images and text
    • Drives Traffic to your site
    • 53% more likely to show up on the first page of a SEO search
    • 3X more natural inbound links/clicks
    • 200 - 300% more unique monthly site visits
    • 41% higher click thru rates
    • 4.8% conversion rate of websites with video versus 2.9% without video
    • Emotional - Important because emotion sells
    • 7 out of 10 people that watch a product video view the brand in a positive way
    • 50% say they are more confident buying a product on line if there is a video
    • Leaves a lasting impression
    • 74% increase in people’s understanding of your product.

Should you have video on your site?

    • 75% of B2B marketers say they will include video on their sites in 2015
    • 68% of the top 50 internet retailers use video on their sites

Only if you have a website and you want to keep up.


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Dan Fellows is the Business Development Manager for Paladin Media Group, a film and video production company located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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