Marketing Reach Using Personalized Video

Marketing Reach Using Personalized Video

What a simple but brilliant use of video!

The UVA Health System decided to make an investment in video. With Paladin Media Group as their partner, a simple decision has given consumers a “taste”.

With more than 1200 doctors in the UVA Health System, how in the world do you choose? All of the doctors have impressive resumes, but there is so much more to a patient-doctor relationship.  

Let’s think about how people make choices—First, the Health System itself is a draw, but the Health System is only as good as those that work there. Ok, so second, we look at Doctor resumes—they all are top notch, that’s why the Health System has the reputation it does.  Maybe we feel more comfortable with a female doctor vs a male?  Maybe we want a younger doctor, thinking that he/she might have more insight on the “latest” treatment options, or maybe we feel more comfortable with years of experience—either way, all we have left is their name or what they look like.  

It reminds me of how some people say they choose wine—first they choose red or white, then they choose the type of blend they like, and of course, now the price range, but once those choices are made—you still haven’t had a taste!  So, many say they choose based on how much they like the design of the label!  

UVA Health System with Paladin’s production expertise has been able to remove that last barrier—now you can have a “taste”! Using video, Paladin has interviewed doctors and produced short pieces that reveal what’s inside! Doctors talk about their specialties, and things they find rewarding. It just shows consumers that there is a way to get to know a little bit more when faced with such an important decision. Something that can’t be done from just a “picture”—so maybe if a picture is “worth a thousand words”—video is totally worth the investment!

Elizabeth Vagnoni is the Senior Producer for Paladin Media Group, a film and video production company located in Charlottesville, Virginia

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