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Paladin Receives Emmy Nomination

Paladin Media Group Receives an Emmy Nomination for Instructional Programming – The First Massive Open Online Course Nominated for an Emmy Award

(Charlottesville, Va.) - The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has nominated Paladin Media Group in the category Best Instructional Programming for University of Virginia (UVA) Professor Larry J. Sabato’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) The Kennedy Half Century. Sabato’s online course is the first MOOC to ever be nominated for an Emmy Award.

The Kennedy Half Century, produced by Paladin Media Group, is a massive open online course available on and i-Tunes U that is based on UVA Professor Larry J. Sabato’s New York Times Best Selling book by the same title.

The course traces Kennedy’s early legislative career and progresses through the 50 years since his death, focusing on how each president, Lyndon Johnson through Barack Obama, has used J.F.K. to craft their own political image. The class offers more than eight hours of video consisting of 45 lessons. To date, nearly 200,000 students worldwide have participated in the online instructional series.

Kent Williamson, Director; Steve Carpenter, Director of Photography, and Melissa K. Howard, Editor; all of Paladin Media Group. The Kennedy Half Century MOOC was co-produced by Larry Sabato and Ken Stroupe (UVA Center for Politics).

Paladin Media Group is a full service media production company headquartered in Charlottesville, Va.

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