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HOOS Got Your Back!

HOOS Got Your Back: A Bystander Awareness Campaign to End Sexual Violence - WINNER of the Central Virginia American Marketing Association 2015 EMMA Award for Best Cross Media Marketing Campaign.

The University of Virginia launched a multi-media campaign in the Summer of 2014 to educate students about sexual assault and bystander awareness. Stakeholders in the campaign include students, faculty, administrators, campus police and local merchants. The creative plan developed in collaboration between the stakeholders and Paladin Media Group was built around a Bystander Awareness Campaign with the tagline #HOOS GOT YOUR BACK.

A video, which premiered in the John Paul Jones arena for the freshman class and posted online, was chosen to anchor the HOOS Got Your Back campaign. Video is best because it captures emotion and visually highlights the individuals and groups that support the effort. Shirts and laptop stickers were designed, as these items are popular among students. Coasters were chosen to highlight the presence of the campaign in popular bars and restaurants. Merchant decals were created for display in store windows, are printed in school colors (orange and navy blue) to connect the Corner businesses and the campaign to the University. This enables passing students, parents, and visitors to be exposed to the campaign and to see that it extends to local businesses. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts were established around #HOOSGotYourBack. Hashtag on social media to discuss bystander intervention, sexual violence, and to share the video, with hundreds of tweets, retweets, mentions on Facebook.

The campaign was highly successful in getting the word out about HOOS Got Your Back, with over 3,000 views on YouTube and other views from those embedded on websites. The Not on Our Grounds website has received over 4,000 visits and almost 8,000 page views to date. Almost 2,000 shirts were distributed and continue to be seen around the campus. Staff received many requests for T-shirts, as they ran out within a few days. As of late December, entire units and offices were requesting and ordering additional shirts to distribute to their faculty and staff. Merchant employees continue to wear their T-shirts and to express their desire to participate in the campaign in the upcoming academic year.

Of the 5,000 laptop stickers ordered, over 3,000 have been distributed to students and continue to be seen around the campus. Over 1,500 coasters were used at participating restaurants and bars during Homecomings Weekend

Other University groups are using the HOOS Got Your Back campaign in conjunction with their own initiatives, such as the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team (ADAPT), a group of student peer-educators.

Anecdotally, the campaign has led to an increased awareness around bystander intervention, determined in part by the use of #HOOSGotYourBack and as reported by the Program Coordinator at the University. Students are now familiar with common terms and continue to discuss the Red Zone and bystander intervention in conversations around sexual violence.

The EMMA judges commended the #HOOS Got Your Back campaign for its creative use of digital and physical media that resonated with the target audience, as reflected in the results.

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