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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – August 28, 2012 - September 13, 2012 at 5pm Paladin Media Group will host a party at their Studio at 673 Berkmar Court to honor local High School teachers and UVA Professors along with producer/editors who participated in the creation of 100 episodes for a science video series for Discovery Education.  Paladin would like to invite the local press to attend this event.  Since February Paladin Media Group has produced 100, three to five minute episodes based on the the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth/Space to be used as part of Discovery Education’s High School Science Techbook.  The “Techbook” is like a text book but is media rich and designed for use on iPADs.  The production team included many local freelance producer/editors as well as subject matter experts from Albemarle County Schools and Professors from the University of Virginia.  Professors from UVA include Linda Columbus, Ph.D., Pham Q. Hung, Ph.D., Stephen Macko, Ph.D., Kelsey Johnson Ph.D., Bradley Cox, Ph.D., Cassandra Fraser, Ph.D., Edmund D. Brodie III, Ph.D., Robert Hirosky, Ph.D., Sarah Kucenas, Ph.D., Simonetta Liuti, Ph.D..

Kent C. Williamson, President of Paladin Media Group stated “We at Paladin are so excited and proud to be a part of this historic project which will be used to help educate high school students around the globe.”  Paladin Media Group is a well-established film & video production company and is committed to the creation, production, distribution, and promotion of redemptive entertainment and educational media. 

For more information, please email or call 434.817.2700.Paladin Pictures is dedicated to the production, distribution, and promotion of redemptive entertainment and educational media. Paladin Pictures strives to follow the example of the Paladin Order of Knighthood which, under the rule of Charlemagne, was charged with the task of preserving the values and virtues of the society and culture.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – February 15, 2012 - Paladin Media Group and Educational Media Consulting are pleased to announce the

launch of an exciting new series for Discovery Education to be produced and filmed here in Charlottesville.
Jerry and Maya Drake of Educational Media Consulting have partnered with Paladin Media Group to create a series of one hundred episodes for the Discovery Education High School Science “Tech Book.” These three to five minute online films will focus on high school science, specifically Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Earth/Space Science. A team of area high school science teachers brainstormed with the producers on the best approach to teaching good science to high school students through video.

These teachers include Tony Borash, Diane Clark, Jamie Hedman, Jeff Prillaman, Frances Racette, and Mary Saville.
Paladin Media Group has reached out to the University of Virginia for experts in the various science fields to use as on-screen talent. Through Sherri Winston at the UVA Television News Office, Paladin worked with Louis Bloomfield, Professor and Associate Chair of Physics at the University of Virginia, who starred in the pilot episode. The pilot has been enthusiastically received and

Discovery Education has given the greenlight to begin production on the series.
Over 20 local individuals have been brought on to assist with this project including producers, editors, crew, and support staff.

Production will begin with 26 episodes of Biology featuring UVA Professors Douglas Taylor, Edmund “Butch” Brodie, and Assistant Professor Sarah Kucenas.

Paladin and Educational Media Consulting look forward to working with so many experienced and gifted educators through the course of this project with Discovery Education. Production of the series should continue through August 2012.

Paladin Pictures, Inc. and the Paladin Media Group are committed to the creation, production, distribution, and promotion of

redemptive entertainment and educational media. 

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We are the team to transform your concept into cinematic existence!


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