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Paladin Pictures Acquires Largest Charlottesville Production Company

Charlottesville, Virginia – November 28, 2005 – After nearly six months of negotiations, Paladin Pictures President Kent C. Williamson has announced the acquisition of Charlottesville-based ESI Productions.  Having acquired the city’s largest television and video production company, Williamson notes Paladin Pictures’ continued growth toward becoming the finest media service provider in the state.

“We see this as a great step because it affords us the opportunity to serve the needs of the Charlottesville community and beyond,” Williamson explains. “We have a long-range vision to keep pace with the changing production needs of this sophisticated market.”  The acquisition of ESI will give Paladin Pictures a sizable market share increase in the local and regional media industry.  In addition to more equipment and an enlarged customer base, Paladin will also benefit from the control of a 35’ x 35’ sound stage, which Williamson hopes to utilize for more local production of high-quality television programming.  “I feel that Paladin has assembled an incredibly strong team--from producers to directors to technicians and editorial staff,” Williamson states.  “It’s the talent of the people and quality of their character that make the company.”  Included in that team is ESI’s founder Rick Import, who will continue to contribute to the operation as a consulting producer. 

Paladin Pictures has a history of providing high-quality broadcast material, educational product, and documentaries to some of the nation’s most prestigious clients.  Originally founded in 1991, Paladin Pictures has experienced significant growth in the past decade.  Beginning as a small venture, the company has since grown to serve clients such as GE Fanuc, UVa Health System, Larry Sabato’s Center for Politics, best-selling author Jan Karon, and the U.S. Department of Education.  In addition to serving regional and national clients, Paladin Pictures has also experienced success in motion pictures, earning seven awards to-date for the independent feature motion picture When Love Walks In.

For more information, please email or call 434.817.2700. Paladin Pictures is dedicated to the production, distribution, and promotion of redemptive entertainment and educational media. Paladin Pictures strives to follow the example of the Paladin Order of Knighthood which, under the rule of Charlemagne, was charged with the task of preserving the values and virtues of the society and culture.

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We are the team to transform your concept into cinematic existence!
We are the team to transform your concept into cinematic existence!


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